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Tips for Your Motorcycle This Winter

To stay safe on your motorcycle this winter, follow these basic tips from Syntex Lubricants in San Marcos.

Winter and Motorcycle Riding

Chances are temperatures have already started to drop because of the winter season. However, if you aren't experiencing bad weather yet, you can still safely ride your motorcycle. Here are some basic tips to keep you safe in the cold weather.

What to Wear to Ride Your Motorcycle

Because outdoor temperatures are cold and will feel colder as you ride your motorcycle, you will need to bundle up. Just like in any other season, a helmet is absolutely necessary for your safety. Invest in a helmet that will keep you protected and that will keep the cold out. A fog resistant shield will also come in very handy while riding. As the temperatures get colder, your leather jacket will be your best accessory. Not only is leather resistant and protective during slips and spills, it will also keep you warm. Continue wearing long pants and boots, but make sure they will keep you warm. Wear warm gloves to keep you hands warm on cold rides.

Stay Focused on the Road

Most drivers don't expect to see many motorcycles on the road this season. They may be less cautious while sharing the road with you. Be extra cautious when getting close to other vehicle and try to stay a safe distance away. Avoid getting distracted by the cold weather by dressing appropriately each time you leave the house.

Avoid Road Dangers

Wet roads full of built up debris can be quite common in the winter. Be extra careful when riding your motorcycle after a storm. Avoid puddles and be on the lookout for ice patches. Slow down and focus on your safety. Do your best to avoid driving over piles of leaves, snow and puddles of water.

Winter Motorcycle Maintenance

Avoid getting distracted by your motorcycle by staying up to date with its maintenance. Have your brakes inspected before the season in order to ensure you can count on them. Your tires should provide good traction that will prevent slips on wet roads. If you notice your tire tread is quite worn, replacing your tires is a good idea. Don't forget to check on your tire pressure regularly. The cold climates can cause under inflation that leads to bad traction and reduced fuel economy. If you're in need of synthetic oil in San Marcoscontact Syntex Lubricants in San Marcos! Our online shop is stocked full of all the best AMSOIL products you could ever need. Visit our online shop or give us a call at (512) 848- 8240 to place an order!

How to Store Your Motorcycle for the Winter

Once the weather has hit its worst, it's definitely time to store your motorcycle for the winter. Follow these basic tips to get started with the storage process.

Wash Your Motorcycle

Give your motorcycle a thorough wash. Remove built up debris left behind by the riding season. If debris and water stains are left on your motorcycle during storage they can cause corrosion wherever they are located.

Pay Attention to the Details

Although your motorcycle will be in storage, you still have some details to take care of. Start by giving your motorcycle a synthetic oil change. Your old oil won't be any good for your motorcycle while it's stored. Top off your antifreeze or drain the old one and replace it with a winter mix that won't freeze in the cold temperatures. Fill up your fuel tank to prevent moisture from entering and causing rust. Next, add a fuel stabilizer to your fuel. Take your bike on a short ride after adding the fuel stabilizer in order to have them mix well and reach all points in your fuel system.

Store Your Motorcycle Properly

Find a proper indoor storage space that will keep your motorcycle protected from the outdoor elements. While a heated storage space is ideal, your garage can do just fine. Place your motorcycle on a stand in order to prevent the tires from developing flat spots. Find a proper protective cover for your specific model. Choose a cover made out of a breathable material that will reduce the appearance of moisture. Don't forget to plug the exhaust pipe to keep critters out of your motorcycle.

Synthetic Oil Change in San Marcos

Get to know the benefits of using synthetic oil in your vehicle. Contact Syntex Lubricants to find out all about AMSOIL's quality synthetic oil in San Marcos. We can help you find the best AMSOIL products for your vehicle. Contact us at (512) 848- 8240 for more information about our products or to place an order.

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