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AMSOIL Dealer in Austin, TX

I began using Amsoil almost 30 years ago now. I’ve always been preventative maintenance minded when it comes to my vehicles and equipment and I was already using one of the other synthetic lubricants that was on the market at that time. 
I’m a hard sell when it comes to new products and always a bit skeptical about some of the claims that are made that seem “too good to be true” so I decided to put Amsoil in just one of my vehicles and check the results for myself. I installed one of the Bypass filter systems and Amsoil 5W/30 on my Z71 Chevrolet truck and noted the running temperature, the oil pressure, and the fuel mileage before, and after, installing the Amsoil. The first thing I noted was that my running temperature was lowered by 25 degrees. That’s good! Heat kills. I also noted that depending on the type of driving I was doing I was getting significantly better fuel mileage with the Amsoil. I own a fleet of trucks in mybusiness and spend $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 a month on fuel. Not only was I saving money on down time, because of longer oil change intervals but I found that the fuel savings alone soon paid what it cost to outfit one of my trucks with Amsoil products. I was sold. I outfitted everything I owned with Amsoil at that point. An additional savings in fuel came when I put the Amsoil Synthetic transmission fluid and gear lube in the truck slicking up the whole drive train. Now I was saving money on fuel, money on down time, and I've been able to calculate that my repair costs have decreased approximately 60% over the years since then. This stuff really works. It’s not magic, it’s technology! Amsoil has been in the synthetic lubricant business longer than anyone and they are technologically ahead of everyone. I never intended to get in the “oil business” but as more and more people became aware of Amsoil and began asking me about it, it became clear that there was a potential to add to my “savings” by becoming an Amsoil dealer. Since I started my Amsoil business I have helped thousands of people get access to Amsoil products and/or get into their own Amsoil business. This includes snow mobile machine rental operators in Alaska, fishing boat fleets in North Carolina, truckers, farmers, companies of all kinds, and lots of individuals who like me are looking for ways to save money and take better care of their equipment. In addition, an added benefit is that it helps the environment. With the extended drain intervals you need fewer oil changes which equates to less waste to dispose of. If your interested in obtaining and using Amsoil, or if your interested in becoming and Amsoil dealer let me know. I would be glad to help.


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