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Riding with a group is a unique opportunity to enjoy camaraderie on two wheels; thus, this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle will take you through a few tips on how to get ready for a group ride.

Although motorcycling is primarily a solo activity, some bikers are part of groups or clubs. Such...
Changing your spark plugs every 30,000 miles helps keep your car's ignition system running smoothly. To learn how to change your plugs yourself, keep reading this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle.

Spark plugs may appear small and simple; however, your vehicle could not start without them. As...
If you were in a fender bender, what would you do? If you've never had a minor car crash and are interested in learning about this topic, read the following post by Syntex Lubricants in AMSOIL: SYNTEX LUBRICANTS: Tracey.

What's Considered a Fender Bender?

As the name implies, a fender bender...
Have you heard about the dangers of drowsy driving? If not, read this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle to learn the causes, symptoms, and ways to avoid feeling tired or sleepy behind the wheel.

Sleepiness behind the wheel poses significant risks for drivers; therefore, it's essential to learn...
Among the wide range of motorcycle types and riding styles, it can be hard for a beginner rider to choose one; hence, this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle describes the main types of street bikes.

Main Types of Street Motorcycles

Standard Bikes

To go over the main types of street motorcycles,...
Your engine is the heart of your car; hence, it's vital to recognize trouble signs indicating that your vehicle needs an engine repair. To that end, read this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle.

Key Signs That Your Vehicle Needs an Engine Repair

Check Engine Light

For starters, we'll go over the...
It's time to make new year's resolutions for better driving and improved vehicle safety! To that end, this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle shares a few ideas you might want to consider this 2022.

Along with the welcoming of a new year comes the motivation to improve and start fresh;...
When it comes to your car's maintenance, changing its synthetic oil when in due is key. To learn the main signs your engine needs an oil replacement, read this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle.

If you own a car, you know it needs an oil change every certain amount of time. Synthetic oil is...
When it comes to operating a heavy and complex machine, safety is key. Thus, this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle has listed five essential tips for ensuring tractor safety.

Tractors are challenging machines to operate; for starters, they are built in a wide variety of types, features, and...
When it comes to motorcycle safety, protective gear plays a crucial role. Read this post by Syntex Lubricants in Kyle and learn about the right equipment you should don to ride.

Nothing tops the feeling of hopping onto a motorcycle! It allows you to have fun while enjoying a sense of open-air...

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