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You may be tempted to skip your next oil change, but we promise you'll regret not taking the time to do it. Below are some reasons why this is so important.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip an Oil Change

Getting oil changes isn't anyone's favorite thing to do, but it's one of those things that must get done anyway. If you already skipped one oil change, this won't cause your car to self-destruct, but it also isn't the best for your engine. Before skipping another oil change, be sure you understand why keeping up with this maintenance task is so important.

Protect Your Engine from Premature Wear

In order to perform well, your car relies heavily on its motor oil. This fluid performs a number of tasks that are essential for your engine's well-being, so it makes sense to get oil changes regularly if you want your car to stay in top shape. Among its many tasks, your motor oil is in charge of lubricating the many moving parts that keep your engine running. These tiny moving parts can cause friction to build up and temperatures to soar under the hood if they aren't lubricated properly. They are also prone to coming into contact with each other, which can lead to damage and wear. As your oil gets older and dirtier, it loses its ability to lubricate these parts well, leading to premature engine wear. This means that if you skip an oil change you leave your engine more susceptible to premature wear.

Increase Your Gas Mileage

When you have fresh, clean oil in your car you may notice that your fuel lasts longer. This isn't your imagination and is actually a perk of getting regular oil changes and keeping up with other maintenance tasks. This is because fresh oil means your engine is able to perform its many jobs more efficiently, leading to less engine strain. However, as your oil breaks down and is unable to work as efficiently, the added strain on your engine can lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency.

Prevent Sludge Formation

As your oil gets older, it can start to break down and degrade. When this old oil gets heated up it can turn into what is known as sludge. If its name sounds like something you don't want running through your engine, you're completely right. Sludge is no good for your engine and can actually lead to severe damages. At this point, your oil has lost most if not all of its cleaning properties, leaving it exposed to buildup and deposits. Not skipping oil changes can keep your car in better shape for longer, and using a synthetic oil in Kyle can work even better! To learn all about the benefits of synthetic oil, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240. They can even recommend products like AMSOIL Oil's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Keep Your Engine from Overheating

Yes, your car does have a cooling system which is responsible for keeping temperatures under the hood at a reasonable level, but your car's oil also helps keep things cool. As your oil flows through the engine, it helps to distribute heat more evenly, allowing your car to run at its ideal operating temperature. Along with the cooling system, this action helps reduce the chances of an overheating engine. Of course, your motor oil is able to perform this task well when it is clean, meaning you must keep with oil changes to reap these benefits.

Keep Resale Value Up

If you're a happy car owner, you probably don't worry about your car's resale value often if ever. However, if you plan on ever selling your car, even if this is in the distant future, its resale value should be something you consider. Chances are you're hoping to get the most for your car, and this will be possible if you keep up with regular car maintenance, including oil changes. Regular oil changes will ensure your engine stays in the best shape possible, keeping your car's value high. If you've skipped one oil change, your engine may be fine, but don't make a habit of this if you hope to sell your car. It also helps to hold onto your maintenance records so that you can prove you've kept up with maintenance through the years.

Synthetic Oil Change in Kyle

Before getting your next oil change, why not give a synthetic oil change in Kyle a try? Getting a synthetic oil change can actually keep your engine better protected for longer when compared to a conventional oil. To learn more about this, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240 or visit their online shop.

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