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Because shopping for motor oil can be confusing, especially if you're not a engine expert, this post can help you understand what to look for in a racing oil.

The Difference Between Racing Oil and Standard Street Oil

It may be quite obvious to many why there is a need for separate engine oils for different engines, such as motorcycle engines and marine engines. This need for different oils may not be a obvious when it comes to standard street cars and race cars. While both may be similar, the functions they perform are what sets them apart most clearly. Think about the way you drive to work and the way you would drive around a circle track. It's safe to assume that you wouldn't drive at top speed on your way to work and you probably wouldn't stay under the speed limit on a track. Although this may seem like a small difference, it actually makes a huge difference in your engine. At top speeds, your engine is forced to give its maximum all while your engine oil is trying to keep things cool and lubricated. All the added strain means your engine will be better protected through the use of an oil specifically designed to handle these conditions.

Synthetic Racing Oil

Just like with standard street oils, racing oils also come in a few different grades. Their grade will depend on how the oil was created, refined, and purified along with a few other key factors. Synthetic racing oils can be found in the higher grade categories because of their superior properties and the more thorough refinement process they go through. It should come as no surprise that these may perform better on the track as they are more apt to resist oxidation under rising temperatures, can reduce added strain on your engine, and will keep sludge to a minimum. Although they may be a bit more pricey than conventional racing oils, your engine would agree that the protection they offer is worth the price. Before taking your car out on the track, be sure you're using the right synthetic racing oil. For expert help finding the best racing oil for your engine, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240. You can also browse their online shop and read customer reviews on products like their DOMINATOR® 5W-20 Racing Oila synthetic racing oil made to withstand the tough conditions on the race track.

Additive Packages

If you've ever shopped around for oil, you've probably noticed that they all come with some sort of additive package. Additives are mixed into your oil in order to provide even more benefits for your engine. Some common additives include soaps that help keep your engine clean or things like ZDDP that offer an added barrier to help reduce metal to metal contact in your engine. Additives can be a great help to your engine, but you have to be sure they're what your engine needs. While racing engines will benefit from a higher content of ZDDP, a standard street engine may suffer after being exposed to too much ZDDP. So even if it may seem like a racing oil can offer your street engine superior protection, it wasn't made for that type of engine and may even damage it.

Handle the Heat

If you've ever seen a race car take off, you know that they don't usually ease into higher speeds. A race car is expected to take off and reach extreme speeds from the start leaving it little time to warm up its engine oil. After driving around at top speed for a bit, the engine and oil will have to deal with the rising temperatures under the hood. Luckily, racing oil was made with these things in mind. A synthetic racing oil is made to resist evaporating at high speeds so that your engine can stay well protected. Although regular synthetic oils also handle heat better than conventional oils, they weren't made to keep a racing oil safe so they too may break down in these extreme conditions. Your best bet is to look for a full synthetic racing oil, like AMSOIL's DOMINATOR® 5W-20 Racing OilNot only will it deliver superior protection in high heat situations, it can also hold onto its viscosity better.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change in Kyle

Now that you have a better understanding of how to choose the right racing oil, get in contact with Syntex Lubricants to find out about their quality racing products. Contact them at (512) 848- 8240 or visit their online shop for a full selection of the best AMSOIL Oil products.

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