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Tips to Help You Deal With an Overheating Car

If you've never had to deal with an overheating engine, consider yourself lucky. While it's not hard to take care of the issue when it occurs, the damage it has the potential to cause can make the situation quite stressful. Before you get caught off guard by an overheating engine this summer, Syntex Lubricants in Buda can help you be prepared.

Understand an Overheating Engine

While a vehicle is running, its engine will heat up to the most efficient operating temperature. However, issues in the cooling system can cause the temperatures under the hood to rise to dangerous levels. Generally, you can count on your cooling system and coolant to keep your engine at a reasonable temperature. If there is an issue, such as leaks, blockages, or broken parts, your cooling system won't be able to properly do its job. This is especially common in the summer when extreme outdoor temperatures and added strain on your vehicle make conditions more grueling. If your engine starts to overheat, don't ignore the warning signs. By not taking care of the issue you will leave your engine vulnerable to serious damage and costly repairs.

How the Cooling System Works

Your vehicle's cooling system is a complex network made up of hoses, coolant, belts, a radiator, fans, and a thermostat among many other parts. The most basic explanation of what this system is in charge of is keeping the engine at the right temperature, not too hot and too cold. It is able to achieve this by circulating coolant through the engine and into the radiator. This process allows the coolant to pick up some of the engine's heat and carry it to the radiator where it is cooled by the air making its way through the vehicle's grill. To give your engine the best protection this summer, be sure to get a full synthetic oil change in Buda. Find the best synthetic oil for all of your engine by contacting Syntex Lubricants in Buda! Give us a call at (512) 848- 8240 to find out more about our synthetic oil deals and specials!

How to Take Care of an Overheating Engine

  1. Turn your engine off as soon as possible. If you notice your temperature gauge is nearing a level that is too hot or if your coolant indicator lights up on your dashboard, pull your car over as soon as possible and turn the engine off. Don't ignore these signs as they can lead to an overheating engine and serious engine damage. If you're stuck in traffic, turn on your heater to release some of the hot air under the hood as you work on pulling over.
  2. Allow your engine to cool off. Once you've managed to pull over and stop your engine, help your car cool off faster by propping open the hood. Leave the hood open for a few minutes to allow it to cool off, but remember not to touch anything while the engine is still hot. Messing with the radiator or other parts can cause serious burns due to steam and boiling liquids coming into contact with your skin.
  3. Check your antifreeze or coolant. After allowing things to cool down, open your coolant reservoir and check on the coolant. If your coolant is running low, top it off with fresh coolant, making sure to fill it to the appropriate level. If your vehicle has enough coolant, you may be dealing with cooling system issues.
  4. Have your car professionally inspected. Once you've taken care of the issue in the moment, your troubles are not over. Cars don't overheat for no reason, there is usually an issue in the cooling system that needs to be dealt with to prevent future problems and damage. Have your car checked for leaks, blockages, and malfunctioning parts in the cooling system.
  5. Be prepared for future issues. Now that your car has been properly inspected and fixed, be sure you're prepared for future issues on the road. One of the best things you can do is to carry extra coolant in your vehicle.
To find out more about what can cause an engine to overheat, head over to the AMSOIL blog.

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