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What to Look out for on the Road This Fall

Autumn's cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage make it one of the most popular seasons of the year. The early days of fall may not feel too different from summer, but as we get deeper into autumn conditions on the road will start to change. To help you stay safe on the autumn roads, Syntex Lubricants has some useful tips.

Driving Through Fog

As we get deeper into fall and closer to winter, foggy conditions may take over the roads. Driving through fog can be scary and dangerous because it limits your ability to see the road and other drivers. If you find yourself driving through a fog patch, slow down and be extra cautious. Use your fog lights in order to see the road better, and ensure that your brake lights and tail lights are working so other drivers can easily spot you.

Look out for Black Ice

When there is moisture on a road and temperatures are freezing, black ice becomes very common. Moisture will freeze on the road's surface and make driving conditions dangerous. It's hard to spot black ice because it blends into the road very well. Be extra cautious when driving over bridges or through shades areas since these spaces commonly experience black ice. If you notice the asphalt looks shiny and black instead of grey, slow down because you might be driving over black ice.

Early Fall Storms

Fall storms may not be very common, but when they do hit they can make the roadways quite dangerous. The roads accumulate oil over the summer and when a heavy storm hits in the fall, the roads become very slick. Reduce your speed if you get caught in a fall storm. Leave extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Try not to hit your brakes suddenly, but rather ease into your stops.

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