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If you're on a budget this summer, don't let gas prices get in the way of you having fun! To help you save at the pump, check out these fuel saving tips.

Save Money on Fuel This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip and explore new horizons, but gas prices don't make it easy. With that said, you don't need to buy an electric car or find a way to power your car with water in order to save on fuel. In fact, there are tons of little changes you can make that will help your car be more fuel efficient. To help you out, check out these tips from Syntex Lubricants.

Be a Smart Driver

Believe it or not, the way you drive and maneuver your car can greatly affect your fuel efficiency. Simple things like driving at the speed limit or cleaning out your car can make a huge difference when it comes to fuel. To help you save gas while driving, take these tips into consideration. Avoid braking constantly: An easy way to waste gas is to constantly step on your brake. Doing this increases what is known as mechanical drag, which can cause you to go through fuel faster. To avoid stepping on your brake so often, drive at a safe and consistent speed. Avoid speeding up and slowing down constantly and leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you. Use the air conditioning: You may have been expecting us to tell you to not use your air conditioning, but using it can actually be more fuel efficient in some cases. If you're driving at highway speeds, using your air conditioning will be more fuel efficient than rolling down your windows. Open windows will increase aerodynamic drag, making it harder for your car to move forward. This extra pull will cause your car to go through your fuel faster. However, on city streets where you will be driving slower, opt to roll down your windows for a more fuel efficient drive. Park in the shade: Finding a good parking spot in the shade may cause you to park further from where you're going but it'll be better for your fuel. Parking in the sun will warm up your car, which isn't just uncomfortable when you want to get back in, it can also cause your fuel to evaporate. Even if you have to park a little bit further away to get a shady parking spot, you and your car will be much happier. An easy way to conserve fuel during the summer is by taking good care of your car. To start, be sure to get a synthetic oil change in order to keep your engine working more efficiently. Not sure what synthetic oil is best for your car? Contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240 to get product recommendations for products like AMSOIL Oil's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Important Vehicle Maintenance Tasks

No one wants to spend a Saturday taking care of car maintenance, but taking care of these tasks can greatly improve your fuel economy. Instead of neglecting your car, set aside a day to take care of these simple tasks. Keep your tires properly inflated: Although your tires may seem completely unrelated to your gas mileage, they can have quite the impact on your fuel economy. Under-inflated tires can increase your rolling resistance, which will make your car have to work harder. What this translates to is more fuel being consumed faster. To prevent think, check on your tires every month and fill them up to the proper air pressure whenever they get a bit low. Use the right fuel: Using the rich fuel for your car is super important if you want the best gas mileage possible. Don't think that just because one type of fuel is more expensive than another it means it's better. Stick to the fuel your manufacturer recommends in order to get the most out of your fuel. Use a synthetic oil: Finally, keep up with regular oil changes in order to keep your engine happy. Use the correct grade oil and use a synthetic oil to keep your engine well protected and running smoothly. Dirty or old oil can cause added strain, which leads to faster fuel consumption because of how hard your engine has to work. Prevent all of this from happening by getting regular synthetic oil changes.

It's Time for a Synthetic Oil Change in TARGET

Don't take off on your summer road trip without first getting a synthetic oil change in TARGET. To find the perfect oil for your engine, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240. You can also stop by their online shop where you can browse a full range of their best AMSOIL Oil products.

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