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If you don't much about your transmission, detecting a transmission issue can be a real challenge. Luckily, this post is full of tips to help you identify transmission problems.

Transmission Issues That Need Attention

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance can be hard, especially for those who don't know very much about how their car works or why maintenance is a must. Certain issues, like a flat tire, will be more obvious than others, while others may be hiding under the hood. The transmission is one of the areas of your car that may develop issues and unless you know what to look out for, these will go undetected until they've grown into something bigger. This post can help you get to know what signs indicate that there is trouble in your transmission.

What Does Your Transmission Do?

To understand your transmission a little bit better, it helps to know that this system is in charge of sending the right amount of power to your driveshaft. In other words, it ensures that your tires get the right amount of power as you drive. Your transmission is also what is being engaged when you shift gears whether you have an automatic vehicle or a standard one. Think of this process like that of a bicycle shifting gears as you ride. When these changes are made, there is tons of friction and heat produced in the transmission, so this system actually gets quite a bit of wear and tear. Keeping up with maintenance is crucial because it will ensure that your transmission is able to keep your car running smoothly and will also help keep your engine working well. Below are some common indicators of transmission issues that will make identifying problems easier.

Slipping Gears

There is no reason for your car to slip out of gear while you're driving. In fact, your car should always stay in the gear that you put it in until you decide to make another shift. If this isn't the case with your car, you need to get your transmission inspected as soon as possible. This can point to issues in the gears of your transmission while also being dangerous for drivers. Don't let this issue get any worse and head over to your mechanic as soon as you can.

Whining and Humming

Cars make a lot of different noises, so it's hard to pinpoint where certain noises are coming from and what exactly they sound like. With that said, it's still important that you pay attention to the sounds your car makes. If you notice a new sound, this is usually a sign of trouble. When it comes to your transmission, new whining or humming sounds, especially when you're shifting gears, will let you know that there is an issue that needs to be looked at. The issue may not be huge yet, so it's important that you get it taken care of before it has a chance to grow. If you want to keep your car in the best shape, taking care of your transmission will be just as important as getting synthetic oil changes in Kyle. To find all the tools you need to keep your car healthy, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240. They can recommend products like AMSOIL Oil's Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light suddenly lights up on your dashboard, this can be for a number of different reasons, including transmission issues. The important thing here is that you don't ignore it. Your transmission has a sensor on it that can detect jerking and vibrations before they have a chance to grow into the shaking you feel in the cabin. Instead of ignoring the check engine light until something more obvious pops up, take your car in to the shop. They can run a test on it to check what has caused your check engine light to light up.

Noisy Transmission While in Neutral

In general, having your car in neutral puts little to no strain on your transmission. Because of this, it's not normal for your transmission to be noisy while in this gear. A noisy transmission while in neutral may not indicate a huge problem, but it still needs to get assessed. In many cases, this may happen simply because your transmission fluid is low or because this fluid needs to be changed. Luckily, neither of these two fixes are expensive or too time consuming. Take care of this quickly to prevent other, more serious issues from affecting your car.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Kyle

If you're working on keeping your car in the best shape possible, this starts with keeping up with maintenance. To get the personalized service you need to keep your car in better shape, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240 or visit their online shop.

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