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How to Avoid Distractions as You Drive

Driving while distracted can put you and your passengers in a lot of danger. During the fall and winter months when road conditions become more difficult to deal with, driving distractions become even more dangerous. Syntex Lubricants can help you identify some common distractions and give you tips to avoid them as you drive.

Before You Hit the Road

Before heading out on the road there are multiple things you can to do to keep distractions to a minimum. Start by giving yourself enough time to get ready at home. Finish eating at home and refrain from performing personal grooming tasks as you drive. If you have to take at least one hand off of the steering wheel or your eyes off of the road for even a couple seconds then you shouldn't be doing it as you drive. When you step into your vehicle, take a few minutes to inspect your mirrors and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you'll be able to see while driving. Adjust your seat to the right level distance so that you're comfortable as you drive. Set your GPS and other electronic devices before leaving the driveway.

While on the Road

Even if you fully prepared yourself for the road, driving distractions may still pop up. If you know you are easily distracted by your cell phone, consider turning it off while you drive. If turning it off is not a real possibility, throw it in the backseat or somewhere where it will be out of reach. Your passengers can also help you by answering important phone calls and messages for you. If your GPS needs to be reset or you want to change the music, get your passengers to help you so you can keep you eyes on the road. If you're on a long trip and need to stop for food, turn a food break into a rest break. Take your time to eat outside of your car and avoid trying to eat a meal while driving. If your car starts to make strange sounds or you notice something light up on your dashboard, pull over instead of getting distracted by what it could possibly indicate.

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