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Bring Your Motorcycle Out of Storage This Spring in San Marcos

As the weather gets warmer, the time to bring your motorcycle out of storage gets close. Although you may be very excited to get it back on the road, take your time when it comes to preparation. Syntex Lubricants in San Marcos has some simple spring motorcycle maintenance tips that can help you prepare your motorcycle for the road post winter storage.

Fill up on Fuel

Fuel can be a tricky subject when storing your motorcycle over the winter months. Some people empty their fuel tanks in order to prevent running old, broken down fuel through their motorcycle come spring. However, doing this leaves your tank empty and allows moisture in during the winter. If you emptied your fuel tank, look inside for condensation or rust caused by moisture. Get this cleaned before filling up for your first ride. If you left fuel in your tank but didn't use a fuel stabilizer, drain it and fill up with new fuel this season. If you did add a fuel stabilizer into your tank before storage, your fuel is likely ready to go. To play it safe, inspect it before deciding to rely on it.

Focus on Your Tires

Your tires are incredibly important when it comes to smooth rides and road safety no matter the season. The cold weather causes tires to lose pressure over the winter months. Before inspecting your tires for cracks and other issues, make sure they're at their proper air pressure. Under inflated tires can hide these issues and put you in danger. Check the wear on each tire and replace those whose wear bars are showing at tread level. Lastly, tighten the spokes and inspect the rims for damage.

Perform a Full Body Inspection

Your motorcycle is made up of many components, big and small, that all need a bit of attention. Give your motorcycle a wash in order to make a full body inspection easier to perform and more effective. Once your motorcycle is clean, check nuts and bolts for loosening. Lubricate your chain and check it for worn sprockets. If your chain is feeling loose, check your owner's manual for the recommended tension level. Visually inspect your brake pads in order to ensure they're still capable of successfully doing their job.

Refill Your Motorcycle's Fluids

To keep your motorcycle running strong and healthy all through the spring check on its essential fluids. Look out for broken-down fluids that can cause issues for your motorcycle. Some of the fluids most prone to breaking down are coolant and brake fluid. If they look good after winter storage, check their levels and add more to those that are lower than the recommended level. Another very important fluid you need to keep an eye on is your motorcycle's motor oil. If you're in need of an oil change this season make it a full synthetic oil change. For the best synthetic oil in San Marcos contact Syntex Lubricants! Our online shop is stocked full of all the best AMSOIL products you could ever need. Visit our online shop or give us a call at (512) 848- 8240 to find out more about our synthetic oil deals!

Prepare Yourself for Riding Season

It's not enough to simply prepare your motorcycle after storage. You also need to be adequately prepared after a season or two without your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Riding Gear

Wearing the right riding gear will always keep you more comfortable and safe on the road. Wear long pants, gloves, boots, long sleeves and a helmet with a face mask this season. Light materials that can keep you warm are ideal in early spring when temperatures can still be quite chilly. Don't forget to carry rain gear if the forecast predicts rain.

Road Conditions

You should always be alert and awake as you ride your motorcycle, but even more so after a season away. Pay attention to the road and look out for dangerous conditions. Pot holes may have formed after winter storms and ice patches may still be present. Keep an eye out for these conditions and take it slow to avoid dangerous spots.

Get Back in Riding Shape

Take things slow and steady as you head out on the road again. You may need time to adjust to being on your motorcycle again. Don't be surprised if your reaction time or reflexes are a bit slower than before. You'll have to work your way back to your previous riding shape, but don't worry, you have time.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in San Marcos

Now is the best time to change your motorcycle's oil! If you don't already know the benefits of using synthetic oil in your vehicle, contact Syntex Lubricants to find out more. We can help you find the best AMSOIL deals for your wallet. Contact us at (512) 848- 8240 for more information about our products or to place an order.

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