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In a post titled The Importance of Engine Oil in Your Vehicle, we talked about the importance that oil carries in regards to your car. We briefly mentioned some of the functions that motor oil has inside the engine. Today at SYNTEX LUBRICANTS we would like to take the time to go over some of these functions of the engine oil, in a bit more detail.

Synthetic Oil Reduces Friction in the Engine

One of the most important jobs of the oil in the engine is to help avoid friction. Friction in an engine is caused by moving parts of the engine. These parts may sometimes need to move at the same time in order to function but they may rub against each other constantly and harshly. The friction caused by them rubbing together will not only slow them down but also wear them out. The oil in the engine lubricates these parts so that they may carry out without so much friction and that they may move past each other smoothly and effortlessly.

Oil Should Help the Engine Maintain a Good Climate

This is an essential part of the many jobs of motor oils. A good motor oil will have a sufficient capability to protect the engine against harsh climate. This includes extreme cold and very hot temperatures. Not all motor oils can truly protect an engine from all types of weather, and some are not very efficient at it. However, synthetic oils are great at doing this.

Synthetic Oil Assists in the Hot Weather

Synthetic oils provide extended protection for all sorts of severe or mild temperatures. In the extreme high temperatures synthetic oil will allow the engine to cool by absorbing the heat and then heading it to a section where it will cool off and continue to carry out this sequence. Due to its synthetic nature, the composition of synthetic oils is made out to perfectly carry out this job. Since synthetic oils do not contain the natural occurring elements that breakdown in constant heat, the chemical composition is not altered by the high temperatures and it will withstand and assist efficiently in these conditions.

Synthetic Oil Performs Perfect in Extreme Cold

Synthetic oils also provides an intense protection in low temperatures. Their ability to keep their fluidity in the cold makes them perfect for low weather conditions. The cold will make almost all other oils thicken and not flow through the engine, or flow very slowly. Cars that use conventional oil, will have to start up the car and let it heat for a while before driving it so that the oil can properly flow. However, when using synthetic oil, this is no longer the case. The chemical superiority of synthetic oil allows it to maintain a constant flow and run through the engine smoothly, without any problems, regardless of the cold weather.

Oil Change in Austin

In Austin we know how bad the climate can be, that is why it´s not only important that you keep cool in the hot weather or warm in the extreme cold but also that you help your car do the same. Go get your oil change in Austin today and ask that only Amsoil be used. When it comes to surpassing quality and incredible benefits Amsoil is number one. Contact us now and purchase Amsoil synthetic oil in Austin. Your car will thank you! Don´t wait call  (512) 848-8240 today.

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