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Spring cleaning isn't just reserved for your home. Apply the same idea to your car with these great vehicle spring cleaning tips.

Tips to Help You Get Your Vehicle Clean This Spring

After a long and wet winter, your car may be looking a bit rough. It may have a thick layer of dust resting on its exterior or even mud and grime built up on its interior surfaces. Luckily, spring is here and your car won't have to suffer through much more bad weather. To get it looking clean and shiny just in time for sunnier weather, use these simple spring cleaning tips.

Clean off Interior Surfaces

To get your car as clean as possible start by focusing on its internal components. Grab a damp washcloth and start cleaning off the interior surfaces that may have developed a layer of dust over the past few months. Areas you should focus on include the dashboard, the steering wheel, the center console, the controls, and the doors. When working on the center console, pay extra attention to the cupholders which may be holding onto the remnants left behind by spills. Finally, grab a window cleaner and clean the windows and windshield from the inside.

Grab Your Vacuum

Once the surfaces are clean and dust free, it's time to vacuum up any dust, dirt, and mud that may be hanging out on your seats and carpet. Grab your vacuum and and its different attachments so that you can get into all the nooks and crannies. Dust off your seats and remove the floor mats for now. Vacuum your seats and the floor,  being sure to move the seats so that you can reach all the space hidden beneath them. Once you're done vacuuming, focus some attention on your mats. Vacuum these to remove any debris on their surface or just beyond it. Next, give them a good wash and get them as clean as possible. Once they're dry, it's safe to put them back in your car.

Empty out the Trunk

There's one more part of the interior that will need your attention: the trunk. Open up your trunk and remove all of the items stored in there. Carefully go through them and decide what winter items you can store for now, what items you can throw out, and what items you will still need to carry around. This will help you lighten the load you're carrying around during the spring. Now, grab your vacuum once again and get your trunk spotless. Once things are clean, go ahead and place the items back in their spot. While spring cleaning your car, don't forget about its interior systems. To keep your engine working smoothly all spring, give your car a synthetic oil change when needed. Find the perfect synthetic oil for your car by contacting the oil pros at Syntex Lubricants. Call them at (512) 848- 8240 to get product recommendations, like their Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Get a Car Wash

Now that your car is spotless on the inside, it's time to get the exterior to match it. Wash your car with a mild cleaner that won't damage its exterior components. Focus some extra attention on your tires, windows, and headlights. If you drove through snow over the winter, chances are you also drove through road salts. While these are great for getting rid of snow, they can also be extremely corrosive, so be sure to give your car's undercarriage a thorough cleaning. Finish off your wash with a new layer of wax. This will protect your car's paint job from corrosive substances such as spring showers and the hot sun.

Look Under the Hood

You're almost done with your spring cleaning! All that's left is to open up the hood and get things a bit cleaner. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can get stuck under your hood, especially with the rough winter weather. Remove the larger parts and then wipe down the edges to prevent debris from getting deeper under your hood and potentially into other parts. If things are looking quite dirty, consider getting this area professionally cleaned.

It's Time for a Synthetic Oil Change in Kyle

Your engine needs to be treated well in order to last longer. A synthetic oil change in Kyle can help ensure it stays healthier and cleaner for longer. To find the right synthetic oil for your car, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240. You can also browse their full range of products and make your purchases by visiting their online shop.

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