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Prepare Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

If you're heading out on the road for a late summer road trip this year, be sure your car is well prepared before you leave town. Syntex Lubricants in San Marcos can help you start your summer road trip preparation.

Check on Your Brakes

Because you will be spending a lot of time driving during your road trip, it is essential that you have working brakes. To ensure that your brakes will be able to keep you safe throughout your trip, no matter how far of a distance you're traveling, give them a thorough inspection. Check on your brake pads in order to ensure they're not too worn. If they are, now is the perfect time to get them replaced. Remember to also check on your brake fluid. If it is below the recommended level, top it off before heading out on the road.

Test Your Battery

One of the most frustrating things to have to deal with while on a road trip is a dead battery. Most batteries last three to five years, so if you current battery is within that range, it may be best to replace it before it gives you any trouble. If you're not sure how old your battery is, have it tested to see how much power is left in it. Be sure to also check on the cables and posts connected to your battery. These should be clean and free of any rust. Your connections should be tight and secure to prevent issues while on your trip.

Fill Up on Coolant

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, works hard to keep your engine cool under the most strenuous and hot conditions. It makes its way through the cooling system to help your engine work properly without overheating. To ensure it properly does its job, check on the condition and level of your coolant. When your car is cool, open up the coolant reservoir and take a look at how much coolant you car has. If it's below the recommended level, fill it back up. Be sure to keep some extra coolant in your car just in case you come across any overheating issues while driving.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

Oil changes should be taken care of on schedule in order to keep your engine protected and working at its best. Your best bet is to get a synthetic oil change in order to give your engine superior protection in the summer heat. A synthetic oil will keep your engine cleaner, better lubricated, and will cause it less strain no matter what the driving conditions are like. Before heading out on your road trip, be sure to give your engine a full synthetic oil change. Help your car stay in great shape this summer with a full synthetic oil change in San Marcos. Contact Syntex Lubricants in San Marcos at (512) 848- 8240 to find the best synthetic oil deals and specials around!

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

The hot summer months may have caused your windshield wipers to dry out and become brittle. If this is the case, you may be left with reduced visibility caused by streaky windshield wipers. Get your windshield wet and test your wipers before you decide they're fine. Keep in mind that summer storms do happen and may surprise you while on your trip. Dusty roads will also leave you wanting to clean off your windshield for better visibility. If your wipers can't do their job, you may have a hard time seeing the road.

Inspect Your Tires

Give your tires a thorough inspection, checking for wear, damage, and bulges. If your tires are damaged or are quite worn, get them replaced before leaving on your trip. It's also a good idea to check their alignment before heading out. You may want to consider getting your tires rotated and realigned for added peace of mind. Don't forget to check your tire pressure and fill your tires up to the recommended pressure.

Check on Your Vehicle's Lights

Even if you're not planning on doing much night driving during your road trip, it's still in your best interest to check on your lights. You want to be sure that all of your vehicle's lights are working in order to stay safe on the road. Working lights not only make it easier for you to see the road, they also make it easier for other drivers to see you. Don't forget to check your brake lights and turn signals so that other drivers are aware of your next move.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in San Marcos

Before heading out on your road trip, give your vehicle a synthetic oil change in San Marcos. Contact Syntex Lubricants for help finding that perfect AMSOIL synthetic oil for your engine. Contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240 to find out more about the benefits of using synthetic oil vs. conventional oil.

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