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Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Conditions

Whether you're planning to continue riding your motorcycle this season or put it in storage, there are some measures you need to take to keep you and your motorcycle safe.

Prepare to Take Your Motorcycle for a Winter Ride

If the cold can't stop you from riding your motorcycle, at least be sure you're adequately prepared for the cold and stormy winter road with these tips.

Check Your Tire Pressure

To keep you safe on the road this season it is very important that you can rely on your tires. Start by checking that the tread isn't too worn down in order to ensure you'll have proper traction. If your tires are damaged or worn it's best to invest in new ones for your own safety. Another issue that can reduce your traction is your tires' air pressure. As temperatures get colder, your tires will lose some of their pressure. Be sure to check this often and be prepared to pump up your tires to their recommended pressure.

Be Aware of Seasonal Road Conditions

Winter isn't just cold, it's also known for its inclement weather and the road issues it can present. Before heading out on a ride, be sure you know what the roads will be like. Look out for traffic jams caused by holiday traffic or areas that are more dangerous due to road construction. Do your best to stay on roads that safe and too affected by the seasonal weather. While on the road, stay alert and look out for puddles, ice, and black ice. If anything remotely resembles ice on the road, avoid driving over it.

Recognize Dangerous Weather Conditions

The roads can become very dangerous during storms, especially for motorcycle riders who don't have as much protection as other drivers. To avoid riding through a storm, be sure to check weather reports before hopping on your motorcycle. If bad weather is expected, it may be best to leave your motorcycle at home. Avoid putting yourself in dangerous conditions that are avoidable. If you do get caught in a heavy storm, pull over and wait it out.

Wear Proper Layers

Dressing properly is vital this season. Cold and wet weather not only compromises your ability to see, it can also be dangerous because of how it affects your body. Always wear base layers made up of long sleeves and long pants in breathable materials. This will help keep you warm but will also allow sweat to evaporate without adding to the cold. Stay dry by wearing waterproof layers over your base layers. You can remove these if you're too warm, but they come in handy if you run into wet weather. Other items that you should always wear include gloves, a neck warmer, a proper helmet, and boots with good grip. No matter what type engine you're using this winter, give it full protection with a synthetic oil change in San Marcos. Contact the experts at Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240 to find the best AMSOIL Oil products for your vehicle. Stop by their online shop for a full range of products and to place an order.

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Storage

If you opt to store your motorcycle for the season, prepare it for storage with these tips.

Pick a Proper Storage Location

As you prepare to store your motorcycle, start by picking the proper space for it. Look for an indoor space that will stay dry and that is away from windows. These two factors will help reduce the amount of moisture that your motorcycle has to deal with while it's stored. It's also important that you use a proper cover and not a tarp. Motorcycle covers are made of breathable material that won't trap moisture on your bike which can lead to rust and corrosion. If possible, store your motorcycle on a stand to reduce damage to your tires.

Change Your Motorcycle's Oil

Before storing your motorcycle, give it a synthetic oil change. Oil is a very important fluid that helps protect your engine, and, although your motorcycle won't see much use this season, it still needs fresh oil to reduce engine damage. Your old oil most likely has developed acids from combustion that will end up causing internal damage to metal parts while your motorcycle is stored. Reduce the potential for damage by draining the old oil and replacing it with a new synthetic oil. While your'e at it, don't forget to replace your old oil filter as well.

Wash Your Motorcycle

Although no one will be checking out your motorcycle this winter, washing it is a must. A good wash will help remove corrosive material that has built onto your motorcycle's body during the riding season. Give it a good wax to protect it from moisture and corrosion while it's stored. If you're worried about small critters making a home out of your motorcycle, invest in an exhaust plug to keep them out. Stay safe on the winter road with even more safety tips.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in San Marcos

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