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If you're excited to finally purchase your first motorcycle, be sure you take your time making your final decision. Use these tips to make the perfect purchase.

A Few Tips to Help You Choose Your First Motorcycle

As you prepare to purchase your first motorcycle, do your best to take your time and do plenty of research. Purchasing a motorcycle isn't as easy as buying the first cool model you see, and they require a hefty investment, so it's best to be sure you're purchasing exactly what you need. To help you on your way to your purchase, check out this useful information.

Know What Type of Motorcycle Suits You

To figure out what type of motorcycle you want, because there truly are a lot of options to choose from, be honest about what you plan to use it for. Sport bikes look cool, but if you're looking for something more suited for off-road riding, it may not be the best choice for you. Understanding how you will use your motorcycle will make choosing the right type easier, setting you on the right path.

Tips for Motorcycle Beginners

If you don't have much experience riding motorcycles, take it slow. There's no rush, so take as much time as you need getting comfortable on the road and building up your skills. You may feel more comfortable starting off on a lighter bike with modest power since these are easier to maneuver. Be sure your motorcycle is low enough to the road so that you can get both feet on the ground quickly. You may need to make some adjustments so that you position yourself comfortably, so don't be afraid to do this. Finally, a used motorcycle is a great place to start. Purchasing a used motorcycle won't be as pricey as investing in a new one, giving you the perfect ride to practice your skills on. Once you're an avid rider, investing in your dream motorcycle is a great way to go. Just like your car needs oil changes to perform well, so will your motorcycle. Don't use just any oil, and instead invest in a quality  synthetic oil like AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil. To get more recommendations like this, contact the experts at Syntex Lubricants by calling (512) 848- 8240.

Types of Motorcycles

There are many types of motorcycles on the market for you to choose from. These are divided by categories, depending on what type of riding they're meant for. Below are some of the main types for you to consider.

Street Motorcycles

Street motorcycles are made for riding on paved roads, such as city streets and highways. They come equipped with tires that offer the best traction on the road. This category can be broken down further into standard bikes, touring bikes, sport bikes, cruisers, and other more specific types. These are all features that are made for a specific type of street riding. For example, standard bikes don't offer many extra features while touring bikes include details that make them ideal for road trips. Sport bikes tend to include a sleeker design, are lighter, and include a lot of power.

Off-Road Motorcycles

Like their name states, off-road motorcycles are made for trail riding. These are ideal for use on dirt roads as well as sand and grass. They tend to have a lighter body, tires with thicker tread, and better suspension because of their rough use and the tough terrain they're made for.

Dual-Purpose Motorcycles

Dual-purpose motorcycles blend together characteristics found in street motorcycles with those found in off-road bikes. These bikes are ideal for light trail riding but are also street legal. This means you can have a fun day on the trails and ride home on the same motorcycle. Some of the features they include that makes them street legal are mirrors, turn signals, headlights, and a horn.


Scooters may not be the most popular option for those who want to look cool, but these little bikes are quite impressive. They may not be able to reach highway speeds, but they're great for riding through city streets. In fact, they offer great fuel efficiency and are very comfortable to ride. Beginners can use these to get comfortable riding a motorcycle in traffic before moving on to a heavier motorcycle with more power.

Synthetic Oil Change in Kyle

Give your motorcycle a synthetic oil change in Kyle and feel the difference a quality synthetic oil can make. For help finding the best products for your motorcycle, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240. You can find their full range of AMSOIL Oil products by visiting their online shop.

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