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How to Increase Your Fuel Economy Over the Summer

Some people may notice that their fuel economy improves during the summer months, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying to make it even better. There are plenty of simple steps you can take to ensure you get the best gas mileage this season. Follow these simple tips from Syntex Lubricants in Kyle to get the most out of your fuel.

Get Rid of Excess Weight

A lighter car will burn fuel more efficiently no matter the season. To give you car a fuel economy boost, start by cleaning it out and removing clutter. Large heavy items will make the biggest difference, but a simple cleaning can also help. If you've taken a trip this summer and still have your luggage rack or bike rack on your car, remove it as soon as you no longer need it. These items can be quite heavy and can contribute to creating aerodynamic drag. What this means is your car will have to work harder, causing it to burn fuel more rapidly.

Check On Your Tires

Having your tires at the proper air pressure can also make a difference in how quickly your vehicle consumes fuel. Overinflated and under inflated tires will both contribute to the quicker consumption of gas. The hot summer temperatures tend to make the air inside your tires expand, therefore increasing your tire pressure. To maintain your tires at the right pressure, check them monthly and make the necessary adjustments. Remember to have your tires rotated on schedule and aligned in order to improve your fuel economy.

Use the Air Conditioning Wisely

Air conditioning is probably one of the most used items in your car over the summer months. Even though temperatures may be scorching outside, keep in mind that using your air conditioning can contribute to a significant reduction in fuel efficiency. To get the best use out of your air conditioner, use it while traveling on highways or at high speeds. Avoid leaving it on while idling, and turn it on only after a couple of minutes of driving for the best results. While driving at lower speeds, roll down your windows to keep cool.

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Reduce Aerodynamic Drag

Aerodynamic drag was mentioned above when talking about roof racks and other items attached to your car that can cause it to work harder to transport you. Another way you create aerodynamic drag is by rolling down the windows while traveling at high speeds. Avoid relying on your windows to keep you cool while driving fast. The drag caused by the open windows will cause your car to work harder and strain more as you travel. This is why it's important that you close your windows on the highway and instead use your air conditioning.

Stay Out of the Sun

The summer heat doesn't only bother you, it also creates uncomfortable conditions for your vehicle. After parking in the sun, you may notice that your vehicle's cabin will heat up quite a bit. This same thing happens to the other areas in your car. What this means for your fuel is that it will evaporate faster. Prevent this from happening by parking in covered or shaded areas. You can also use sun shades on your windshield and windows to keep the heat out.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

Staying on top of seasonal maintenance can help keep your car in top shape and improve its fuel economy. One way to ensure you get the most out of your fuel is by getting a synthetic oil change and filter change. The heat can cause conventional oil to evaporate quicker, leaving your engine with little protection and reduced lubrication. These factors can combine to cause added strain and deposits, requiring that fuel be consumed faster.

For a Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Kyle

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