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If your car has an issue in any of its systems, detecting it early can make a huge difference. To keep your car in the best shape, know what to look out for when your car has a cooling system problem.

Signs of a Cooling System Issue

Although you may not stop to think about it, every time you turn on your car tons of tiny parts get to work to ensure it's able to work properly. These small parts all work together to keep the different systems in your car operating properly. When something isn't working properly, it can cause issues all around. If you're worried your cooling system may have an issue, look out for these signs of trouble.

Higher Than Normal Temperatures

Since your cooling system is in charge of keeping temperatures under your hood under control, rising temperatures are a sure sign of an issue. How do you know temperatures are increasing more than usual? Your car's dashboard has a temperature gauge that lets you know how things are under the hood. The needle will start off all the way to left, meaning your engine is cool, and work its way to the center, meaning your engine is at its ideal temperature. If it goes further than this and closer to the right side, your engine may soon overheat. Before it does, pull over and turn off your engine to allow everything to cool down. This can be the result of a number of issues, from a blocked radiator to a broken fan.

Coolant Dashboard Light

Another thing to look out for on your dashboard is your coolant light. If this lights up, your car is letting you know that your coolant supply is low. While your car may not be making weird noises or showing any other alarming signs of trouble, this light shouldn't be ignored. Pull over as soon as you can and once things are cool under the hood, check your radiator. If your coolant is running low, top it off before turning your car back on. It's worth getting your car checked after this happens just in case there's a leak or another reason why your coolant level dropped so drastically.

Coolant Leak

A coolant leak means you'll be running low on coolant regularly until the issue gets fixed. If your coolant keeps running low even though you keep topping it off, this is a clear sign of a leak. Look out for a puddle of bright green liquid under your car or even just drops of a bright green liquid. Thanks to its color, coolant is pretty easy to spot, so do keep an eye out for it if you suspect a leak. It's also worth popping open your hood and looking around in there for green liquid that may have leaked out of your radiator. Another fluid you'll want to keep an eye on is you car's motor oil. Using the right oil can make all the difference when it comes to your engine's health. Because of this, you'll be better off getting a synthetic oil change in Kyle. Try using an oil like AMSOIL Oil's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil to help your car stay at its best. To learn more, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240.

Steam Coming out of Your Hood

Low levels of coolant and your engine overheating can lead to smoke seeping out from under your hood. If you notice even just a bit of smoke coming out from under your hood, pull over immediately and turn off your engine. Your engine may be overheating and needs to cool down to avoid damage. Once it's cool, pop open your hood and check your coolant. You may be able to top it off and make it to a mechanic or you may have another problem in the cooling system that will need professional help to get fixed.

White Exhaust Smoke

It may be hard to detect yourself, but white smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe can be the result of a cooling system issue. This often happens when coolant is leaking internally and burning in the combustion chamber. If you don't notice an external leak but your coolant level drops regularly, get your checked for an internal leak.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Kyle

Did you know that the motor oil you use can also help your car's engine operate more efficiently, therefore helping to keep it cool? To get the best results from your motor oil, be sure to get a synthetic oil change in Kyle. Contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240 or stop by their online shop to learn more about their synthetic oil options.

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