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Prepare Your Motorcycle for the Autumn Roads

As the seasons change, so does the weather. For motorcycles riders, the change from summer to autumn means quite a few changes out on the road. To help you stay safe on your motorcycle this fall season, Syntex Lubricants has some useful tips.

Watch Out for Holiday Traffic

As the weather starts to cool down you can almost feel the arrival of the upcoming holiday season. While the holidays mean more time off of work and plenty of time to spend with the family, they are almost synonymous with heavy traffic. An increase in traffic can cause added stress and more road dangers for all drivers, but even more so for motorcyclists. Motorcycle riders have less protection while out on the road and can be hard to see for some drivers. For these reasons, it is important that you stay alert on your motorcycle and practice defensive driving. Avoid staying in other motorists blind spots and be sure your clothing makes you stand out on the road. Allow yourself extra space on the road to be sure you're safe this season.

Taking the Scenic Route

Fall not only offers cooler weather than the summer, it also provides beautiful scenery. If you're planning to take a trip on your motorcycle through some scenic backroads to avoid heavy highway traffic, take the proper precautions. While the sites may be beautiful, keep in mind that small town on the backroads may not be as active as they were during the summer months. Pack plenty of water, food, and gear just in case you have trouble finding open shops. Don't forget to fill your fuel tank and keep your cell phone charged as well.

Be Prepared for Shorter Days

Autumn means less daylight hours for motorcycle riding. If you use your motorcycle during your daily commute, you may be left riding in the dark. To stay safe in darker conditions, be sure your lights are all working properly. You can also wear bright or reflective clothing in order to make yourself more visible to other drivers.

Properly Maintain Your Motorcycle

Seasonal maintenance plays a large part in keeping you safe on the road all year long. For autumn, it is essential that you keep your battery charged, your tires at the proper air pressure, and your fluids at their proper levels. One of the most important fluids you need to take care of early in the season is your engine oil. To keep your engine properly protected no matter the temperature, use a synthetic motorcycle oil. If you're looking for the right synthetic oil for your motorcycle, contact Syntex Lubricants at (512) 848- 8240. You can count on their expert knowledge and experience to help you find the best AMSOIL Oil products for all of your engines. Don't forget to stop by their online shop for a full range of products.

Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast

Before heading out for a fun fall ride, check the weather forecast. Knowing what the weather will be like will help you dress appropriately and ensure you don't get caught in a storm. Remember that if the weather forecast is predicting heavy rain or winds, it's best that you wait for conditions to clear before taking your motorcycle for a spin.

Wear the Right Autumn Gear

Autumn weather can be a bit tricky to dress for when you're taking your motorcycle for a spin. Mornings can be quite chilly, but afternoons are still warm. To make things easier, dress in light layers that will keep you warm in the morning but that you can store once the sun is out. Once we get closer to winter, you can dust off your leather jacket and proudly wear it out on the road again.

Look Out for Road Hazards

Falling leaves, wet weather, and dropping temperatures can all create slick conditions on the road. Colder mornings combined with wet weather can create hard to see ice on the road. Slow down and look out for ice patches in areas close to water, such as lakes. While the falling leaves may make for beautiful scenery, when they accumulate on the road they can actually become quite dangerous. Not only can a pile of leaves hide road dangers, like potholes, they can also become very slippery when combined with water. Do your best to avoid riding over these in order to keep yourself safe.

Consider Early Storage

Once weather conditions become harder to deal with, storing your motorcycle may be your best bet. No one likes to put their motorcycle away for a long time, but remember that your safety should come first.

Prepare for Fall With a Synthetic Oil Change in Austin

Make sure your motorcycle's engine is properly taken care of this season with a synthetic oil change in Austin. Contact Syntex Lubricants for help finding the right synthetic oil for your all of your engines. Give them a call at (512) 848- 8240 to find out more about their products or to place an order.

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