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The amount of dashboard lights that could potentially light up while you're on the road can get quite stressful. To help you understand some of the basics, check out this post.

Get to Know Your Dashboard Lights

The more features your car has, the more dashboard lights you'll have to memorize....
If your car has an issue in any of its systems, detecting it early can make a huge difference. To keep your car in the best shape, know what to look out for when your car has a cooling system problem.

Signs of a Cooling System Issue

Although you may not stop to think about it, every time you...
If you have a hard time giving your car the attention it needs, make it one of your resolutions to do better at it this year. Below are some examples of resolutions you can make.

Make New Year's Resolutions That Will Help Your Car

Maintaining your car in great shape isn't as easy as it sounds....
The cold temperatures this season can seriously affect your car's wellbeing. Not sure what to do to keep your car safe? Use these tips to help it stay at its best no matter how cold it gets.

Cold Weather Effects on Your Car

If the cold already has you shivering, imagine how your car is feeling...
Taking your car to the car wash every few weeks ensures that it stays in good shape, but the amount you spend may not be great for your wallet. Learn how to wash you car like a pro in this post.

Tips to Help You Wash Your Car Like a Pro

Keeping your car in great shape requires a bit of...
If you don't much about your transmission, detecting a transmission issue can be a real challenge. Luckily, this post is full of tips to help you identify transmission problems.

Transmission Issues That Need Attention

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance can be hard, especially for those who...
You may be tempted to skip your next oil change, but we promise you'll regret not taking the time to do it. Below are some reasons why this is so important.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip an Oil Change

Getting oil changes isn't anyone's favorite thing to do, but it's one of those things that...
You may be doing some damage to your car without realizing it. Learn about some common bad driving habits and how to avoid the damage they cause in this post!

Bad Driving Habits to Ditch

Everyone thinks they're the perfect driver, but this may not always be true. You may follow the posted speed...
To keep your car at its best this summer, you may need to take care of some maintenance. To help you get started, use these tips.

Essential Car Care Tips for the Summer

The summer heat and intense sunshine aren't only bad news for humans. Cars can also suffer some negative effects caused by the...
If you're on a budget this summer, don't let gas prices get in the way of you having fun! To help you save at the pump, check out these fuel saving tips.

Save Money on Fuel This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip and explore new horizons, but gas prices don't make it easy....

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